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Lookbook Vol.4 - The Olympian Overlay Capsule

August 12, 2016

Vol. 4 ///The Olympian Overlay Capsule/// - 08 . 12 . 16 - With the 2016 Rio Games rolling through the summer, its hard not to get in the spirit to cheer for your beloved nation. At this time around we are dedicating a mini release that was inspired by the event that unites all nations across the globe. We kept things simple and initiated with two different designs for this drop. The Coubertin Overlay Tee was a piece paid homage to the French educator and historian, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, and was best known as the designer of the Olympic rings in that was first used in 1912. The ring consists of colors shared by the flags of those countries that competed at that time. The Rise... Continue Reading →

Lookbook Vol.3 - The Admiralty Overlay Capsule

July 08, 2016

Introducing the Overlay™TeeAn innovative garment designed by our team. After numerous trials and errors, we unlocked the solution to the reinvention of the basic canvas we all appreciate— a basic tee. With our patented 3D garment construction technique, you can rest assure that our thread is exclusively one of a kind. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vol. 3 ///The Admiralty Overlay Capsule/// - 07 . 08 . 16 -   This season we took a dive into one of the world's leading financial center, Hong Kong, as our choice of location for our lookbook. Serving as the pilot release of our Overlay™ series, the Admiralty Overlay Capsule bought forth with the purpose to create eye catching clothing with our patented 3D Overlay technique. By taking the... Continue Reading →