Foreground x Bboys Anonymous x Brite Visuals

We recently had the amazing opportunity to work on a design and video collaboration with UC Irvine's dance organization, Bboys Anonymous (BBA), alongside with Brite Visuals, a dexterous and innovative film production crew.

Known of their creative freestyle performance, Bboys Anonymous is a dance community based in Southern California where dancers historically come together to share their passion for hip-hop. Our first crossover with BBA can be traced back to 2012, where we collaborated with the design of their team shirt. Ever since then, we have been able to actively support BBA and the dance community through various events and sponsorships. Through this collaboration, our goal is to bring these expressionists together to showcase their individual character through dance and fashion to the world.

This year we are blessed have another design opportunity for BBA's team uniform. The exclusive 2014-2015 BBA branded button-ups share the same compositions as our new Woodley Denim shirt, with the addition of their team name embroidered on the upper left chess area. Featuring a double collar, wooden buttons, stitch accents and Italian denim, it is truly a one of a kind product that stands out from their precedents.

This was an exciting project for us as we got to work with some of the most talented individuals at a scale we have never done before. We will continue to help and support our community whether it's through art, charity, fashion, dance, music, film, etc. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming video releases as it unfolds in the coming week.

Many thanks to Brite Visuals and their innovative production crew. Visit their official site at

Foreground x Bboys Anonymous 2011-2012.

Foreground x Bboys Anonymous x Brite Visuals 2014-2015.

Photos by Brite Visuals.

- Wil L.

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