Behind the Scene

In preparation for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, our team has been working nonstop this past weekend in filming a new product we are releasing in the coming weeks. This is one big stepping stone for Foreground, and we are thrilled to show you what we have in stored. From photographers, videographers, hairstylists, PR, to our product designer, the entire production team has something unique to bring to the table.

What we love about running a clothing label is the new people we meet. It's always people who comes before the product itself. Each one of them are all talented in their own ways and we bring together something that is so unique and special to the table. The ones that are behind the scene are the ones who works the hardest but often gets the least recognition. We are grateful to have all these wonderful people to be part of something our company shares to the world — a chance to rise independently. To rise not alone but as an individual. We are excited to see where this company may lead us in the future and we hope one day we can make a difference with everyone that we come across. Stay tuned for our upcoming big announcement.

- Wil L.

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