World of Dance Los Angeles Worlds Final 2015 Recap

Last weekend, a 2-Day urban dance competition took place in the heart of Los Angeles at the LA Convention Center. The event gathered thousands of dancers and spectators to share their passion for the urban dance culture. There were a number of participating teams coming from other countries in participation for the Worlds Final. Some notable international teams included NXG Company (Canada) 1st Place Upper Div, Kyushudanji Shinsengumi (Japan) 1st Place Youth Div, Desi Hopper (India) 1st Place World's Final, and Royal Family (New Zealand). From meet & greet with famous dancers, free dance lessons, team exhibitions, to actual competition, the building was filled with nothing but good vibe.

In promotion for our Kickstarter: The 3D Overlay Tee campaign and the upcoming grand opening of DS9 Studio, we teamed up with the MOS Wanted Crew's very own JP Goldstein and held an autograph session over at our table. We also had several well respected influencers in the dance community who visited our table to show their share of support, including Jawn Ha, Ian Eastwood, and Tight Eyez.

Our 3D Overlay Tees has been a hot topic at the event and we got many positive feedback for our innovative design.
You can now reserve your very own 3D Tee by visiting our Kickstarter campaign:

Meet the man who started a movement in the Hip Hop culture. The creator of Krump - TIGHT EYEZ.
We are honored to have such an important influencer to show support at our table. We cannot be more grateful!

Ian Eastwood from the MOS Wanted Crew stopped by our table during our autograph session to support his fellow teammate, JP Goldstein.


DS9 Dance Studio will be having its grand opening on August 29th, 2015. Be sure to roll by & join the party.

Photos by Doreen Trinh.

- Wil L.


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