Mountain of Love

There are a few types of people. Ones that doubt you and call your ideas crazy. And there are those that support and believe in you and your work. There will be ones that sit and watch, then there are those that dream on. Finally, there are those that implement ideas and execute with all means. Stays hungry and never be content with where you stand. Forget the wait. Forget the excuses. You can wait all day but for one thing is certain; time is not waiting for you. Take action now because there is never the right time. Throw that negative mindset out the window and take action. The right time is now.

Over the course of the past few months, we have been working relentlessly to fulfill all the orders for our recent campaign. Your patience, love, and support is well received by us and we are truly grateful to have supporters like you who played a part and made this such an exciting journey for us. The wait is now over. Get ready to check your mail soon.

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