[Blanks for Benefits] FAQ

Question: What is a “Blank” item?

Answer: A blank item is literally a blank non branded t-shirt

Question: Why “Blank” items?

Answer: Blank items are the cheapest most ideal way for people to donate new clothes for the homeless.


Question: How do we donate?

Answer: You can donate by purchasing a “blank” item through our store.

Question: Why can’t I choose the size?

Answer: We work with the charities to order and provide the sizes they need most.

Question: Is this Tax Deductible?

Answer: Yes, please contact us at Calvin@foregroundofficial.com for more info.

Question: Can I purchase a blank item for myself?

Answer: No, but you can purchase any Foreground product in the month of December and we will donate 1 item on your behalf.


Question: How do I get more involved?

Answer: You can register your organization/club/team/group of friends here.

Question: Does the group who donates the most get anything?

Yes, We have a contest with a special prize for the top 3 donors.